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For many people, being able to smoke a cigarette quietly after busy work is a great relaxation and enjoyment. In the past hundred years, the cigarette industry has surged, and batches of cigarettes have occupied people's attention and fingertips, and have disappeared silently. Only a few brands have become classics through historical choices. The world's top ten most popular cigarette brands 1. Marlboro Marlboro (Marlboro) is manufactured by Philip Morris, the world's largest tobacco company, and is one of the world's best-selling cigarette brands. The brand name "Marlboro" originated in the United Kingdom and was independently registered in the United States. By the end of the 1970s, "Marlboro" surpassed all other brands of cigarettes in the world and became the world's number one cigarette brand with annual sales of 9 million boxes and a sales footprint in more than 100 countries and regions []Cigarettes Online[/url]. In June 2017, the "BrandZ Global Top 100 Most Valuable Brands 2017" was announced and Marlboro ranked 12th. In the eyes of global consumers, Marlboro is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and attractive international brands. In terms of sales, Marlboro cigarettes consumed on average in the world reached 1 million cigarettes per minute. Regardless of whether you smoke or not, Marlboro’s world image and charm will impress you and make you unforgettable. At present, there are more than ten kinds of packaging for Marlboro Red Million, Mint, Ice Blue, and Ice Green on the Chinese market. After July 2008, all "Marlboro" cigarettes sold in the Chinese market will no longer be imported []Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], but all will be converted to be produced by China's local tobacco factories, realizing "advance with production". 2. The 555555 brand is called State Express 555. It started in 1895 and is the oldest brand in the world famous cigarettes. The founder Sir Albert Levy officially registered a series of brands in London inspired by Empire State Express 999, the fastest land train at the time. After this, Sir Levi registered a series of numbers from 111 to 999 as another part of the commodity, which was combined into 9 different products. The nine different names represent different recipes. For example, the tobacco leaves used in 444 cigarettes are produced in Macedonia, the tobacco leaves in 777 cigarettes are produced in Turkey, and the tobacco leaves in 555 cigarettes are produced in Virginia. After time-testing, State Express 555 stands out in the State Express series, becoming a century-old classic Davidoff (Davidoff) is one of the Swiss product brands, known for advanced tobacco products []Newport Cigarettes[/url], including cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco. The reason why Davidoff cigarettes became an internationally renowned and elegant brand is based on their founder ZINO. DAVIDOFF's belief in pursuing perfection. The octagonal design can retain the original flavor of tobacco for a long time. Its elegant appearance looks and is full of artistic sense; it is full of superiority when picked up. In order to keep the original flavor unchanged, Davidoff uses a tin foil to seal the cigarettes in the box and fully retain the original flavor of the cigarette before opening. Long filter. Bring out the perfect filter program, let the rich smell of smoke, unreservedly. 5. The camel camel brand was first launched in 1913, and it became the first brand of Renault. As one of the first "American hybrid" cigarettes created, Camel Cigarette is a combination of flue-cured tobacco, Turkish burley tobacco, and exotic flavours. It has become the largest American brand four years after its launch. Camel tobacco is now divided into two parts, one is the original camel in the United States, and the other is the camel of Japan Tobacco Co., Ltd. -Japan Tobacco International (JTI). In 1999, Japan Tobacco Corporation invested heavily in all camel intellectual property rights and business of camel cigarettes except the US mainland. In other words, all camel smoke outside the United States is basically a Japanese camel from Japan Tobacco International. Now the camel brand has become a major brand of Japan Tobacco International Corporation. However, most Chinese smokers seem to still firmly support American camel cigarettes, and regard Japanese camels more lightly. Named by t·Kent. This product is a popular cigarette brand with a certain influence in the world. It has a variety of specifications and packaging forms. There are 20 common 85MM flip-top hard boxes (KING SIAE BOX) and 100mm flip-top hard boxes (DELUX. BOX) in the Chinese market, which are commonly known as "short health", " Longevity". Among the top ten international brands, health brands with short history have maintained a strong development momentum in recent years. In 1952, Jian brand introduced cigarettes with micro-particle filters. Subsequently, Lorillard launched the "Xinjian" brand, using a filter that does not contain asbestos. It was a success at the time because the Jian brand was the first cigarette in the United States to have a filter that greatly reduced nicotine and tar content. Since then, these cigarettes have sold well worldwide. At present, the Jian brand is the sixth-largest best-selling brand in the United States. 7, L&ML&M cigarettes, some people jokingly call it "rogue", which is based on its capitalized LM initials. In fact, its name was the abbreviation of Ligit and Mel Tobacco Company, which introduced L&M chewing tobacco in 1876, and later became the name of the cigarette brand. L&M is not a high-end brand cigarette, but it has high-quality mixed tobacco, soft taste and fine aroma, and the product's cost performance is very high, so the L&M brand is very popular. Among middle-class and smokers who do not want to pay too much for a pack of cigarettes, but want to smoke high-quality products, L&M is very popular. Originally L&M's blended tobacco was 100% American tobacco. Now, tobacco is from all over the world and has the most advanced technology. Only safe and high-quality additives are used in the production process. In the years of development, the brand can maintain a competitive price while maintaining quality and taste. This is mainly due to the fact that Philip Morris International has many farms that produce high-quality tobacco leaves, so it can maintain high-quality products. Lucky Strike is a brand that British American Tobacco acquired in 1993 from an American company that withdrew from the tobacco industry. Lucky cigarettes are made of high-quality tobacco leaves and are made in a traditional American method. They were specially supplied by the US Army during World War II. The distinctive American image and the eye-catching red circle trademark make LUCKY STRIKE America's lucrative become the first-class American brand of Anglo-American. Hao Cai is marketed all over the world, the main markets include Germany, Spain, Japan, France, Argentina, etc., more than 65 countries and regions. The Paramount (Parliament) was launched by the original Philip Morris (now Altria Group) in 1931 The cigarette brand is now a shared brand of Altria and Philip Morris International. Altria’s Paramount brand is limited to the US market, while PMI’s Paramount brand is sold in international markets outside the United States. The Paramount brand has strong sales in the markets of Japan, Argentina, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Montenegro and the United States. The unique empty filter system, in the production of Paramount cigarettes, carefully chooses the mixed tobacco, uses the best additives, uses the latest technology Hilton (Hilton) is also produced by British American Tobacco, and its core goal is to produce at a low price High-quality cigarettes. Hilton cigarettes were very popular in the 890s of the last century, and are easily available to ordinary people. The brand is divided into two editions, namely: Golden Hilton and Platinum Hilton. And it is the leading cigarette brand in the world.
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