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 uggesting that impact force and loading 
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What you’ll note is that the impact peak is now gone. By eliminating the heel strike, we have eliminated the impact peak entirely. The reason for this is that instead of absorbing impact via a collision between the heel and the ground, we have switched the impact moderating behavior to absorption by the arch of the foot and the Achilles tendon/calf muscle complex. The lower limb is much more compliant in a forefoot strike, and thus the collision is not detectable. What you will also notice is that the slope of the line is now lower – loading Adidas Superstar Womens rate has decreased (this graph is probably a bit exaggerated given my lowly Photoshop skills, but the point stands nonetheless). If you run with a forefoot strike, as most barefoot runners do, a cushioned Nike Air Max 270 Femme heel is unnecessary. In a roundabout way, the cushioned heel is essentially a solution to a problem created by shoes with a cushioned heel. The heel allows you to heel strike, and if you heel strike you need the heel for protection.
I should also point out the heel-toe running in a shoe with a cushioned heel does reduce loading rate. In Daniel Lieberman’s study (Lieberman et al., 2010), he showed that loading rate was the same in shod heel-toe runners and barefoot forefoot strikers. But the key point is that even if the cushioned heel reduces loading rate, it allows/causes you to run in a way that is biomechanically different than you would if you ran barefoot (longer stride, different joint angles, pronounced heel strike, etc.). As a result, forces are applied in a way that the body may not have evolved to handle as well Nike Air Max 90 Womens (e.g., joint torques are higher in shoes – Kerrigan et al., 2009; shorter, quicker stride reduces joint impacts – Heiderscheit et al. 2011). The consequences of that are what we are trying to understand when Nike Air Max 90 Herr it comes to applying this knowledge to injury risk.
Why does all of this matter? It matters because higher vertical impact loading rates, but not impact peaks, have been linked to injuries like lower extremity stress fractures (see this review paper by Zadpoor and Nikooyan, 2011). There is some debate on this topic, as Nigg, 1997 reported results of a prospective study from a graduate thesis suggesting that impact force and loading rate are not linked to injury, and that increased loading rate was actually associated with fewer injuries. However, this analysis looked at short term injuries and did not look at injuries by Adidas Superstar Femme specific type. I am also rather hesitant when trying to interpret results from research that has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. In contrast to Nigg’s findings, Davis et al. report results of a Nike Air Max 270 Femme prospective study in a conference abstract showing that vertical impact peak and vertical loading rate are linked to a higher incidence of running injury. Again, not published in a peer reviewed journal, but also prospective and contradictory to Nigg’s report.Rather than hash this debate out myself, I’m going to defer to an expert on the topic. Jay Dicharry (pictured at left) is a physical therapist and researcher at the University of Virginia Speed Clinic. He essentially spends his days in one of the most high tech gait analysis labs in the world attempting to fix broken runners. After posting my injury course recap, Jay Nike Air Max 270 Mujer emailed me and said that he has been working on a post about the significance of vertical loading rate, and we have coordinated to post at the same time. So with this introduction to the topic from me, I’m Nike Air Max 95 Femme> going to let Jay take it from here.In my previous post I summarized a slice of what was covered at a three-day course called “New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries” that I attended last weekend in West Virginia. In addition to discussing what we do and do not know about the causes of running injuries, the course instructor, Blaise Dubois, a Canadian physiotherapist from Quebec City (Blaise is on the far right in the image below), went in depth into some of his treatment strategies. Blaise feels very strongly that big, bulky modern running shoes are not helpful to runners, and he indicated that he has been prescribing Asics Gel Lyte 5 Femme racing flats to his patients for approximately 8 years with good success. In addition to shoe changes, Blaise is also an advocate for natural running form, and he feels that the form that high-heeled, Nike Air Max 270 Femme heavily cushioned shoes allows is potentially a cause of injury in some (many?) runners.

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