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Product Description

The SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe is a heavy-duty and highly secured safe which could cater to fourteen guns. Naturally Cool Base Reggie Jackson Jersey , the contents of a safe this size are really important, and this is the reason why this product comes with enhanced safety features. To start with, the product carries hidden knobs as well as features a pry-resilient solid steel door. This ensures full protection against any form of thievery. Apart from the drill proof steel plate, it also has three steel live securing bolts and 3 dead bolts. Additionally Cool Base Matt Joyce Jersey , it also comes with an electronic LED lock for access. No surprise this model met California’s Department of Justice safety device demands with its outstanding safety measures.

The inner surface of the G1459E is thoroughly carpeted to offer a soft and safe rest for valuable collectibles and guns. In addition, its color combination of vivid chrome and satin gives the product a high end appearance. As far as space goes, users have nothing to protest about. The product has fixed racks, which permit users to hold their accessories and ammunition in a neat and organized fashion. SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe interior dimensions are 58.8″ H by 20.8″ W by 12.9″ D. It is battery powered and weighs 182 pounds.

Technical Information

. fourteen gun capacity and heavy duty safe
. Pry-resistant metallic door (with disguised hinges)
. 3 dead bolts and 3 steel live securing bolts
. Electronic LED lock for access
. Carpeted Interiors and fixed shelves (for arranged storage)
. Powered by batteries and weights 182 pounds

SentrySafe G1459E Review

Users who buy SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe invariably have positive things to say about it. It has great storage space to begin with. Gun owners do not have anything to whine about it. However Cool Base Mark McGwire Jersey , there are a lot of individuals who utilize it for keeping jewellery and other goods as well, and the only thing they’ve said is that it might do with an extra compartment. This hasn’t been provided by the manufacturers because the case originally comes for weapon storage, where a large clearance space is essential.

The good thing is if you are keen on your DIY, there is sufficient space for you to add in your own wooden rack. The safe’s key advantage is the excellent security it can provide. It has features to help keep young children and intruders equally well Cool Base Marcus Semien Jersey , and also at the same time, the codes are conveniently programmable, the door opens smoothly and users get instantaneous access to their weapons.

If in case you’re to ship the product, remember that you need somebody to help you unload the package as it can be quite heavy. To sum it all up Cool Base Jose Canseco Jersey , this product will definitely be a good investment.

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